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At Sydri-Hagi we offer accommodation in a cottage on Árskógsströnd.

The cottages is 37 m2 with big terrace. There are 2 bed in one rum and bunkbed for 2 persons in another room, besides a sleeping couch in the living room and matresses on the sleepingloft. There is also a TV, microwave and barbecue. There is kitchen facilities for 8 persons. On the terrace there is a hot tub and a gas grill. Wifi is in the house.

Pets not allowed

Hosts are Gitta Ármannsdóttir and Hafliði Sigurðsson. / Linda Andersson and Jónas Leifsson.

Stores and petrol stations are in Dalvík (15 km) and Akureyri (28 km).

The cottage is in a peaceful place on the land of farm Syðri-Hagi with lovely ocean views. Located on the west side of Eyjafjörður in north Iceland. You can explore the majestic mountain ranges and welcoming valleys, either by car or on foot.

Things to do If you are looking for something more to do than just relax in a calm and beutiful environment there is lots of things to do and see in the next surrounding, for instance:

Hiking: In the small forest on the hills above the cottage, Kötlufjall (the mountain above), in Þorvaldsdalur and Svarfaðardalur (Valleys nearby).